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 Vampire - Hazel Jones - Student Application

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Hazel Jones
First Year
First Year
Hazel Jones

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PostSubject: Vampire - Hazel Jones - Student Application   Sat May 18, 2013 5:08 pm

General Information

Character name: Hazel Annabelle Jones
Gender: Female
Birthday: 10/6/2001
Age (all new students start as first-years so your age should be 11): 11

Vampire blood status (For vampire's a Pure-Blood is a vampire that was born in the depths of hell and traveled to the surface of the Earth through Sylven's dark portal, a Half-Blood is a vampire that was born from a muggle/vampire relationship, Muggle-born vampires do not exist):
Nationality/Ethnicity: American
Birth place: Los Angeles
Current location of residence: York, England

Character Background

Family background and description (must be detailed but not extremely long, at least a paragraph and no more than six):

Hazel has a small family tree. Her mother is a muggle and her father is vampire who are both split up. She has a younger adopted brother, who is only 8, called Thomas. She has no other relatives that she knows of.

Personal history (what has happened to your character up until his or her current age):
Hazel was born in L.A. and lived there since she was 5. Nobody apart from her father knew about magic. It was only until she started showing signs of magic when her mother realized something was wrong. After that, Hazel's parents had a serious fight and split up. The next day, her father grabbed her and some clothes and took her on the next plane to England.

Ever since then, Hazel and her father have been living in York, in a dull and normal life. Hazel found out about being a vampire when she was just 6 and discovered why her parents had split up. Her father started going to work while Hazel went to school. They both worked hard. Hazel still missed her mother.

One day, when Hazel was seven, her father came home after work with a five-year old, dirty boy. He announced that he found the boy on the street with nobody to care for him and felt upset for him. Hazel helped her father nurse the boy back to health and they both decided to call him Thomas.

Thomas knew nothing about vampires and magic so Hazel and her father decided to keep the secret from him. So, they just lived an ordinary life.

Character Description

Your character's physical appearance (what your character looks like; this will help players to better visualise what your character looks like):

Hazel has a round face with pink lips and a long nose. She has brown, almond-shaped eyes. She has long brown wavy hair, always let down. She has a lovely smile and straight teeth. Her voice is a sweet melodic voice which she uses to sing with.
Personality (what does your character like, dislike, what are your character's strengths, weaknesses, traits whether they be good or bad, what interests your character, please right a portion of each):
Hazel is the shy and quiet type. She doesn't really talk to people unless they talk to her first, but if they do, it would be a bit hard to be friends with her. She doesn't talk too much and she doesn't open her heart quickly. Hazel believes that if she gets too close to someone, she will be hurt. She doesn't complain when she is wrong about something, she just shuts up.

Boggart (what would a boggart turn into if your character were to look at one? What is your character's biggest fear?): Being betrayed by someone she trusts
Mirror of Erised (what is your character's greatest desire?): To meet her mum again
Patronus (what form does your character's Patronus take when conjured?): Cheetah
Amortentia (what would the potion smell like for your character? What does he or she find most attractive of all): Flowers

Additional Information

Extra information (anything extra you would like to add about your character):
How did you find our forum?: Katerina gave me the link
Role play example, role play as your character in any situation you feel most comfortable with (at least 75 words):

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon. The sky had barely a cloud in it and the sun was a few hours from going down. Every child in the neighborhood was enjoying the day outside except for Hazel. Unlike everyone else, Hazel was in her house’s kitchen, sitting at the table with her homework in front of her. Her father was on the other side of the room washing the dishes and attempting to help his daughter. Thomas was running around the room, playing with his toy aeroplanes.
I have to divide these animals into the right animal groups,” Hazel was telling her dad over the noise. “Mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles...”
You know these ones,” replied her dad as he looked at the handout.
Of course,” Hazel grinned. “Horse goes under mammals, frogs go under... amphibians, penguins go under birds, dolphins go under fish-”
Wait!” exclaimed her dad. “Dolphins are mammals, not fish!”
Er...” Hazel muttered as she looked at her notes. “It doesn’t say anything about dolphins being mammals. I thought dolphins live in water?”
Dolphins breathe air, though,” replied her dad.
Ok...” said Hazel slowly. “Dolphins under mammals then...”
Hesitant, Hazel wrote it down and continued with her homework.

Your application has been - Accepted - please read the Student Rules and happy learning.
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Vampire - Hazel Jones - Student Application
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