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Supernatural Mayhem is currently under construction, please be patient and the site should be complete in no time.
Welcome to Supernatural Mayhem, we are currently under construction so please be patient, here you will be able to choose to be good or evil, create the future, be a vampire, witch or a wizard. If you have any suggestions you may post them in the forum "Suggestion Booth".
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 General Rules & Regulations

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Katerina Petrova
Katerina Petrova

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PostSubject: General Rules & Regulations   Fri May 10, 2013 3:06 am

In order to have a good time here at Supernatural Mayhem, the Staff Team have come up with some rules that we enforce on our members, anyone that breaks these rules will have to face the consequences, if you happen to have any questions about any of the rules you may contact one of the staff members, to do this simply click on one of the names below and send your private message, please be patient as our staff are only human and can't be online 24/7 though they will get back to you as soon as possible.

* Katerina Petrova (Owner and Founder of Supernatural Mayhem)
* Katherine Pierce (Katerina Petrova's other character)

The General Forum Rules

• Each player is allowed up to four characters, one per account, as long as they can maintain them, this means that you can have at least one of every race/class (Vampire - Student, Vampire - Adult, Witch/Wizard - Student, Witch/Wizard - Adult). If you cannot maintain your characters or it is obvious you are having trouble, the Staff Team may remove one or two of them, depending on how many you have chosen to have.

• We advise members to read the forum descriptions and look for anything that says for example "Ravenclaw only role play", which means that only Ravenclaw house may role play there. If you happen to post somewhere you are not allowed to you will be warned after your first offence and only after your first offence will a warning be taken off your warning bar. Please keep in mind that all staff members reserve the right to take warnings off depending on how bad your offence was.

• This forum is aimed at a general audience, that being said we DO NOT allow any pornographic, racist, discriminative or illegal content. If this rule is broken by anyone it will not be taken lightly.

• This is an English speaking community, the Staff Team of this forum would prefer everyone uses the English language. On the rare occasion words or phrases in other languages will be allowed.

• Our members should try to avoid making grammatical mistakes. However sometimes this happens so we strongly recommend using the spell checker ( before posting in our forum.

• Rudeness, profanity, insulting posts, discriminative posts, racism, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts will NOT be tolerated.

• You are not allowed to post twice, you must be patient and wait for a response then you may post again, we are sorry but you may NOT post continuous bumps throughout a thread, doing so will get your warning bar lowered.

• Publicity of any other sites on our site is forbidden. This is put in place to prevent players from joining for the soul purpose of advertising another site, this will also not be taken lightly. You are free to tell your friends about our site but we encourage you to vote for our site, telling your friends won't increase our site ranking.

• You are NOT allowed to tell another member what they can and cannot do. If you think a member is breaking the rules that are currently set in this topic then you must report the member by finding the "!" mark next to whichever post you believe is breaking the rules and report the post to the Staff Team, Moderators and Administrators are the only ones allowed to do so.

• All text size must remain untouched, we can't read tiny text and we don't want a page taken over by huge text. The Staff Team reserves the right to modify their text colour, size and font to whichever they desire along with yours.

• Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed. If you continuously post to increase your points and post count, the posts will be deleted and points will be taken. You are not allowed to create spam post or threads.

• Discussion of illegal activities (software, music piracy, hacking and other intellectual property violations) are not allowed.

• We DON’T allow any sexually related content. This is a PG-13 forum, any posts or topics that hold anything related to this content will be deleted and the owner of the account will be warned.

• Posts are strictly not allowed to contain content promoting the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, nudity, or any other form of adult content; profanity, spam, fraud, racism, hate crimes or promote ANY illegal activity.

• Respect the Staff Team, the members of the staff work hard to create an enjoyable and fun community for all role players that Supernatural Mayhem is home to.

• We recommend you post in our Absence Thread if you are planning to go away for a period of time whether it be short or long.

• If you are in need of help you may take a look at guides that the Staff Team have made.

Signature/Avatar Rules

• We do not want to see is two accounts with the same picture resembling their character so to prevent this we have made a "Celebrity Claim" thread. There you can look through the list of claimed celebrities and claim yours before someone else! We understand some of you might want to have a twin, unfortunately this cannot be done as of right now. Please keep in mind the owner of this forum has the right to bend the rules, so that is why they are the only one that has two accounts with the same face as twins.

• Both the avatar and signature should be present the same model/actor/actress/celebrity etc. Check our "Celebrity Claim" thread to check if your celebrity is taken or not. We DO NOT want to see your real life face due to privacy even if you are fine with displaying your face. We do not want to be responsible for anything that happens to your picture or how our members react and/or if they take your picture and use it somewhere else. If you want to display your real life self to other members you will have to do it outside of Supernatural Mayhem.

• Your signature is not to be oversized, be reasonable, if you think that your signature will take over the page please don't post it, modify it before posting, if your signature is oversized the Staff Team have every right to remove it.

• You may not post links in your signature (Apart from copyright links).

• If someone created an avatar or a signature for you, you need to give them credit. For example put the words "Made by Katerina Petrova" under your signature or whoever made it. If you made it then say that you made it. If you take something created by somebody else it is purely copyright infringement, a serious violation and they have the right to reclaim their work.

Role Play Rules

• You can't register as any of the characters from the movies nor books as this is a post-potter forum which means this all happened after Lord Voldemort. You can use the characters from the movies/books as a model for your character but we don't allow anyone to be Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, etc.. You are required to use your imagination and create your own, custom character.

• Please keep IC (in character) and OOC (out of character) separate. Keep in mind that if you dislike someones role play character does not mean you need to hate them out of character. Just because someone is evil and rude as their character does not mean they are the same out. If you are talking out of character please use brackets, either one or two, you can throw in "OOC:" in there as well if you like, like so ((OOC: Sorry I don't know how to role play well.)).

• We ask everyone to post a minimum of 150 words for each post. We really don't want to see two lines of role play text, put your mind to work, not just "Katerina walks into the room and looks at Jim, reading his book as she wonders what he's reading." make it more interesting, I don't know, run in dancing or something.. Remember not to create spam posts.

• "God-moding", "power-playing", or dishonest conduct are prohibited. Nobody is the best and nobody is perfect, you can't kill people in one shot, can you kill someone with one finger in real life? No. It is role play and even as fantasy you are to attempt to make it as realistic as possible.

• You can't control other players characters. You may only control your own, DO NOT post other characters reactions. This will not be tolerated, besides.. Who would want to role play by themselves?

• If you don’t know anything about role play and/or are new to it please look on our forum for a guide, they can be quite helpful, if you don't think it is helpful or want to learn more about role playing go to other role play topics and look through them, watch how members react and how they role play, study their posts.

Chatbox Rules

• All the general rules above apply to the chat box as well, anyone that decides to break these rules will face punishment and can be banned.

• And the last rule of this thread is to have fun here on Supernatural Mayhem, enjoy your time and don't take things to seriously.

We really do hope that nobody breaks the rules that are set in place but if you do, we want to make it very clear that we will NOT refrain from banning that specific account. We urge you to check back here every now and then as we might add and/or remove rules without notice and sheer stupidity will not be tolerated, we don't want excuses of "I didn't know" then you should of checked the rules. This is extremely important to remember. Well enough serious business, go fight that Supernatural Mayhem!


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General Rules & Regulations
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