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Welcome to Supernatural Mayhem, we are currently under construction so please be patient, here you will be able to choose to be good or evil, create the future, be a vampire, witch or a wizard. If you have any suggestions you may post them in the forum "Suggestion Booth".
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 Mordred Gaunt - Wizard

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Mordred Gaunt

Mordred Gaunt

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PostSubject: Mordred Gaunt - Wizard   Thu May 23, 2013 9:53 pm

General Information

Character name: Mordred Gaunt
Gender: Male
Birthday: 31/10
Age: 29

Witch/Wizard blood status (Pure-Blood, Half-Blood or Muggle-born): Pureblood
Nationality/Ethnicity: English
Birth place: Winchester, England
Current location of residence: Winchester, England

Character Background

Family background and description (must be detailed but not extremely long, at least a paragraph and no more than six): Mordred's greatgrandmother was raped by Morfin Gaunt, and gave birth to his grandfather. His father is a sociopath, and due to their relations, Mordred also has sociopathic tendencies, though never cruel ones. This all means that Mordred is a descendant from Salazar Slytherin, and can speak parseltongue.

Personal history (what has happened to your character up until his or her current age): Mordred was born one Halloween, his mother leaving him behind the moment she was well enough. So, he was raised by his father, Mycah. Living with a sociopath is no easy job, and Mordred have more than enough scars to show for it. But due to his own sociopathic tendencies, he was never afraid of his father. And when he started Hogwarts, things got even easier. He didn't have friends, according to himself, but there were those few who managed to nag him enough to make him appreciate them. But due to his need to be alone and how he always sought solitude, he used all his time studying, making him the top of his class. He learned Legilimens and Occlumency in his fifth year, but only mastered it in his final year. He has been working with this ability for years, and feels he would do well as an interrogator for the Ministry, or even the Order. Now he's trying to get a stable job, something that hasn't proven easy for a relative of Lord Voldemort himself. And this annoys him profoundly.

Character Description

Your character's physical appearance (what your character looks like; this will help players to better visualise what your character looks like): Very tall, black-haired, light greenish eyes, lean.
Personality (what does your character like, dislike, what are your character's strengths, weaknesses, traits whether they be good or bad, what interests your character, please right a portion of each) Strengths: reading, being logical, noticing every single detail, very good at legilimens and occlumency, very smart.
Weaknesses: talking to people, understanding others emotions, slightly unsociable, has a sociopaths tendencies, also tendencies of Asperger.
Likes to read, solve puzzles, intervene in other peoples lives (not humbly so...), playing the violin.
Dislikes too much people, people trying to read him, when people tell him to stop playing the violin.
He often sits in complete silence and thinks, or plays the violin to think. He has a habit of reading people (not with legilimens or any magical helps, just by observation) and saying what he reads out loud without knowing it might give offence.

Boggart (what would a boggart turn into if your character were to look at one? What is your character's biggest fear?): As a man with sociopathic tendencies, there is little he fears but what he cannot over come himself. So, he fears creatures like manticores, chimaera, though he does not worry about them either.
Mirror of Erised (what is your character's greatest desire?): To be accepted as who he is.
Patronus (what form does your character's Patronus take when conjured?): A Dragon
Amortentia (what would the potion smell like for your character? What does he or she find most attractive of all): The smell of mysteries, the scent of a clean violin, the smell of a research facility.

Additional Information

Extra information (anything extra you would like to add about your character):
How did you find our forum?: Through another forum that the admin was a part of.
Role play example, role play as your character in any situation you feel most comfortable with (at least 75 words):
Mordred felt himself being dragged from his unconscious mind by the long reach of the sun's tentacles. He slowly opened his eyes, squinting at the strong light. How much was the clock? His room was filled with sunlight. It wasn't like this early in the morning. He jumped out of the bed, feeling his heart race a bit faster. He grabbed his watch and looked at it. eleven thirty. He cursed and rushed over to his wardrobe, pulling out some clothes and putting them on. He was sure to be fired now.

Trouble about that, was that he really didn't care. His work was anything but something he liked, so he should probably quit it himself. But the problem wasn't that he overslept. He never overslept. The reason he kept getting fired was because of his constant rudeness, but he couldn't stop being who he was either, could he? Sure, he could be nice. Pretend to be, at least, but he always slipped. And he never regretted it. He didn't even notice when it happened. Maybe that was the problem. He shook his head and hurried to the kitchen through their rather big house. He quickly made a toast and left.

In the car, he noticed that he was feeling a bit poor. Maybe the reason he overslept was because he was coming down with something? He decided not to think about it as he parked near his job. He quickly walked into the building, and as expected, his boss asked him to come to his office. Mordred sighed. And he decided to quit before he was being fired.

A few minutes later, he was at his car again, having taken with him his personal belongings, which meant a pen, a block of paper and a computer. It was time to look for a new job.
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Mordred Gaunt - Wizard
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